Songwriting, Session Keys, Vocal Work, heck JP can even fly you in a helicopter. (Not Joking)



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Music has always been a part of my life. From early on with my parents making me sing everywhere (I hated it) to “Most Musical” in high school (No one Cares), to a full ride to college for music. (You’d think I would have figured it out, slow learner) I simply never thought I had the right talents to pursue it further. So I became a helicopter pilot. Go figure.

Then, one of the best Vocal Coaches in the world gave me a review, and it all snapped back into place.

Truth is I never stopped playing, singing, writing, it just sat on the back burner, waiting for inspiration. I learned to sing and play for the sheer love of music, rather than to make tips on gigs. That’s when everything changed.

I treat each project like it’s my own. I’m not into cookie cutter music, I won’t follow the “Nashville Formula” of click tracks and 4 bar phrasing, with hot keywords like, yeah, truck, baby, car, love, whatever the trendy topic is. I want to tell a story with both words and music, and you can clearly see the difference. Don’t get me wrong though, I still want to sell a bazillion albums.